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Our aim is to keep patients safe whilst continuing to provide as full a service as possible during the Coronavirus outbreak.

For GP appointments we are operating a “total triage” system. Everyone is offered a phone consultation with the GP. If the GP thinks it necessary and it is safe to do so, the patient will be offered a face to face appointment.

Nurse appointments are now only for essential things such as essential bloods, dressings, smears and baby immunisations. If these are pre-booked, we ask patients to ring the health centre if they develop symptoms of cough and/or fever so the appointment can be postponed. 

The door of the health centre is now locked and patients are now asked to ring the bell for assistance.

If patients have a prebooked appointment, they may enter the health centre but will be asked to wash their hands before seeing a clinician. If patients are collecting medication they are asked to wait outside behind the line on the path and the medication will be placed in the box by the door. Patients are asked to pay by card as this can be done contactless. The card machine will be placed in the green box for patients to swipe with their card.

If patients are self isolating or are ill we ask them to ring the health centre and we will help make arrangements for them to get their medication if they are not able to send a friend or family member not self isolating. If you need help while you are self isolating call the Hodder Valley Covid Group on 07961 865503. 

We ask patients to be patient as it may take time to answer the door as we are having to deal with a increased volume of phone calls at present as well.

Medication is still be dispensed as normal. National guidance is to continue to only order a ONE month supply at a time in order not to increase pressure on supplies and to avoid the scenarios seen daily in supermarkets as people stockpile items.

This is the current situation and procedures may have to change as we receive further guidance.

For further advice on coronavirus please use the following websites:-

Please all stay safe and look after your family and neighbours.